How To Make Resin Keychains

Hey Guys!

One of my new favorite things to make are resin keychains. Once you get the hang of it they are so easy to make.

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What you need to make them is:

  • Epoxy
  • Measuring cups
  • Gloves
  • Glitter
  • Stirrer
  • Silicone Mat
  • Silicone mold
  • Jump ring
  • keychain hook or split key ring

I like to use the Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Resin. You can find it on Amazon or at your local Michaels. Its a 2 part resin so you have to mix one part of Part A and one part of Part B. You need to have exactly the same amount of each part. If you mix to much of one it can cause the whole mixture to be bad. Make sure to have the silicone mat under your mixture and molds so the resin doesn’t cause a mess on any tables or counter tops

Everything that you need to make a resin keychain

The plastic medicine cups are disposable and fairly cheap so it makes an easy clean up. Depending on how many molds I’m making I measure between 5-15ml of each part of the resin.

I use either another medicine cup or a bigger disposable cup to mix the 2 parts. Make sure to scrape all of the resin from each cup so you don’t lose any. Once you combine the 2 parts stir the mixture throughly for 3-4 minutes. You want to stir until all of the bubbles are out of the mixture.

Once it is mixed fully separate it into the amounts that you need for each mold. I usually go with about 5ml per mold. Then you mix the glitter into the resin. Once you have the glitter mixed you can pour the mixture into the mold. If its a thin areas like the deathly hallows mold in the pictures at the top of the screen you can use an oral syringe to pour the resin.

You want to have the mold overfilled a little so that it doesn’t leave rough edges. After you have it filled completely it will have to dry. You need to have it an a warm dry place for it to dry quicker. It can take 6-8 hours for it to dry enough for it to be taken out of the mold but about 18-24 hours for it to harden completely enough to add the hardware. If after 24-48 hours it is still not completely hardened that may mean that your mixture was off.

I used Pascal for the Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Michaels Dream for the bottom deathly hallows and the puzzle piece, Zeus for the minnie bow, Athena for Delaware, and Loki for the top deathly hallows.

I love mixing colors and changing the glitters that I use for different molds every time I make one. The glitters that I am obsessed with right now are from Glitter insanity. I just got her February Monthly Subscription box and it had so many amazing glitters. My two favorites from the box were Baby Not Yoda and Pascal. Both are perfect colors for St. Patty’s day keychains.

Check out the completed projects link to see how these all look when they finish drying!

Join my Facebook Group Accio SVG for a group exclusive discount code for Glitter Insanity! I also have buy-ins for all of the silicone molds that you see in this blog going on every few weeks. So definitely go check out the group.

Thank you for following me on this amazing adventure as I continue to share what I love with you guys!

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